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The Zipster API allows anyone interact programmatically with Zipster. We do so by providing a range of API methods and data, which can be easily integrated into an application or a website.

At this time, the API is available to everyone free of charge, its use is subject to acceptance of our API Terms of Use.


The Zipster API expects all data to be UTF-8 encoded.

All job content must be inside CDATA sections to avoid issues processing your XML.

Posted date

The 'posted' date represents the time at which the job was activated on Zipster. This is set at the time of successful payment.

All posted dates conform to RFC 3339. For example, 2008-08-21T08:46:14Z is a valid RFC 3339 date/time.

All posted dates are passed around in GMT and it's up to the application provider to format them using the relevant viewer's timezone.

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